CCK Class Schedules

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Class Descriptions

Condition Training
Learn basic San Shou kickboxing technique and how to apply it to boxing and kicking drills utilizing tha pads, bagwork, and partner drills to sculpt your entire body! Condition like a fighter without the sparring contact!

Condition Paddle Training
An intense full-body workout utilizing the Condition Paddle to improve your technique, timing, accuracy, and speed.

Power Kickboxing Training
Focuses on strength (muscle toning) and cardio conditioning utilizing medicine balls, thai pads, heavy bagwork and partner drills. Learn how to make application of basic San Shou kickboxing technique to build lean muscle and definition by using your own bodyweight!

Circuit Bag Training
Focus on using your conditioning and basic kickboxing technique utilizing bagwork and glove-to-glove drills...several rounds of CONDITIONING!!

Thai Pad Training
This class combines the latest in conditioning with hardcore Thai pad drills. Train like traditional fighters with the added elements of modern exercise physiology in an action packed workout.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is primarily a ground-fighting art. Most techniques involve both fighters on the mat. There is a heavy emphasis on positional strategy such as which fighter is on top and where each person's legs are. Positions are stable situations from which a large variety of techniques are available to both fighters.

Junior Sanshou
(Ages 8-17)
Condition and Competition Junior Sanshou free-form training concentrates not only in martial arts, but helps in the conditioning of becoming a good athlete and team player. We've combined the discipline of the martial arts and the conditioning of kickboxing to create a program that's sure to keep the motivation and goal setting!

Personal Training: One-on-One Instruction! (Additional Fee - Packages are available)
Personal training
is available for anyone who needs a flexible training schedule - or the one-on-one training desire for focus and dedication. Are you intimidated to start off with no experience? Have the instructor to yourself as an individual or as a small group, and work at your pace for the entire season! Learn basic to advanced kickboxing techniques of punching and kicking. Very beneficial for individuals with no experience coming into the class setting, or even advanced students looking for more challenge prior to LEVEL II and would like to continue the Personal Training ongoing! Packages include going over each session of the conditioning class format one-on-one with the instructor prior to starting, or for more advanced students an assessment to exactly what is to be accomplished on an individual basis.