Wednesday, October 5, 2011

During this past weekend we had CCK Fight Team's Myra "The Mass Murderer Mascara" Saludares, Darren "Track Star" Barera and Mono "5"-"0" all participate in exhibition fights at Unlimited. All did very well and I am definitely very proud of all you guys. Like anything, practice makes perfect so keep in mind there's always room for improvement for the next time around. HUGE thank you to everyone who made it out so last minute to support the fighters. Man CCK always has amazing support so I guess I should stop being so surprised.Special thank you to Coach Austin who also helped condition the fighters for these particular match ups, as well as The Ant "Bullie De los Santos in helping me corner.

In addition, thanks too Level II for putting those bodies on the line as sparring partners throughout all the sessions of training. No worries though these guys and gals got your back, next time it could be you stepping in that ring! Speaking of Austin, just a friendly reminder too guys he has now started CCK's Strength classes. The schedule is posted on the announcement bulletin board at the gym. Please take note of it however, please do not pull it off the board. More equipment is still to come. Most recently Austin has been training proper technique on kettle bells so please join them.

As another reminder the classes are FREE for this month. Any feedback of course is most definitely welcome. We'll see everyone this evening for classes with Coach Triple S-P-C!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Without immediate access to my CCK Listing, I posted this on the CCK Facebook fan page and text messaged as many of you as I was able. In reference to what I sent out, CCK will be closed today in order to install bigger mirrors in the main workout room (sorry so last minute guys, didn't think it would take so long to do). Classes will be back on track as usual come Monday. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Monday, September 12, 2011

This Wednesday will be Allan's last day coaching. Iwould like to thank him for his dedication to me as well as to all of you guys, as a solid Coach for CCK. He'll be for sure missed and basically why he'll back back from time to time. He still owes me one more fight right before those gloves are completely hung up.

Coach Celeste will be leading moving forward for Wednesdays. Again Thank you Allan and well wishes from myself and on the behalf of all CCK!

On another note, as announced in class and also hung up on the announcement board as well as a flyer attached here, CCK has added more strength to it's program as an enhancement. As a trial, for this coming OCTOBER the Strength classes will be FREE (For both CCK and Non-CCK so let your friends know too). Austin and I have been meeting frequently to formulate a well thought out program so hopefully everyone finds them to be a definite plus. Moving forward (after the month of October) there will be an additional fee to add these classes to your membership. More details will be available in the Pro Shop.

The tentative schedule is below:
Monday: 11:30-12:30pm 7:30-8:30pm
Tuesday: 6pm-7pm 7:30pm-8:30pm
Thursday: 6pm-7pm 7:30pm-8:30pm
Sat: 11:30am

Friday, September 2, 2011

CCK will be closed this Monday, Sept 5th in observation of Labor Day. All classes and the schedule as usual will be back on Tuesday, September 6th. Definitely look out for more announcements upon your return. Tomorrow's Sat 9am class will be going on as usual.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CCK's Annual BBQ and Potluck Picnic is set for this Sat, August 13th @1pm. For those of you who have been before expect the same, there is always SO MUCH FOOD! IWe will have the to-go trays ready as well for those who are willing to take food home.

Montague Park 3595 Macgregor Ln Santa Clara, Ca 95054


Thursday, July 14, 2011

New gym update: The c hanging rooms for both men and women are now available to everyone.

In addition, as a simple thanks for your patience I have shirts to hand out FREE! Sizes and the amount is slightly limited though, so make it in fassst to make sure you get one.

Also, as announced in class, please save the date for CCK's Annual Pinic Potluck Saturday, Aug. 13th. The location (which I'm sure most of you remember) is generally the park near the old gym location. That still may be the case, however, simply stay tuned in case things change. As we approach closer to the date, I'll shoot out another email confirming it all. Please sign up in the Pro Shop so we can plan accordingly. I hope you ALL can make it. Games and prizes as well as plenty of FOOD as usual I'm sure. Last, but not least, a more feasible time possibly for more parents to make it to the Little Champions Program. We're continually looking to build this program, so if you do have little ones fitting these age brackets give the Little Champions a shot. Thanks to Coach Sue and Coach Mariel for continuing pushing these Little Champions to their full potential!

Most recently the schedule is as follows:

Beginner class (ages 5-7):
Monday/Wednesday/Friday @5:15pm
Saturday @ 9:30am

Intro class (ages 3-4):
Fridays @4:30
Saturday @9am

Friday, July 8, 2011

A 7:15pm class has been added on Monday evening. This is simply another available class open to all CCK members at no extra fee! So guys that's a total of up to 16x's a week available to you.
So how to get started and lock in your special offer? You can do it immediately. Regardless if your Groupon has not yet expired, you can take care of things immediately and your CCK "official" membership will begin once your Groupon does expire. So you WILL NOT be stripped of any the time from your Groupon. What this does, is simply ensure you don't miss your expiration date and also won't miss out on your special offer. (You can check ur expiration date and take care of things in the CCK Pro-Shop) So guys many, many more exciting things to come for the CCK Family.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I hope everyone had a beautiful 4th of July Holiday Weekend and is ready to get back in the mix training. Thanks so much everyone for being patient throughout the move. Huge thank you to my family and staff who helped with the move (It was for sure a rough one since it happened mainly during the week) starting as late as 5pm to when everyone was pretty much ready to go home. Special thank you to Papa John and Juan for simply being the men who knew how to operate tools.

Tomorrow just to test out the "Flow" of how class will go, I will be holding only ONE class 6-7pm. After this, the class schedule will be exactly the same. Upon entry, although there are back doors, I will ask everyone please (Even though, you definitely can park in back if the front lot gets full) to come through the front door. The new address is 1754 Junction Ave Suite C and D

QUICK NOTE: please excuse "Some" parts of the appearance of the new gym. My main focus was to get classes back in action ASAP. Next we'll be focusing on the decor.

Friday, June 24, 2011

As announced this past Wednesday evening in class, it's official CCK will be relocating. It's been almost 5 years at this location and now we have found a spot solo. Amongst the bumps in the road we've had at our current location, the people in this gym have proven to be amazing!

With all that said, reminder as well, this Sat 9am will be the last class at this location (Actually Little Champions will be last @10:30am). From here, CCK will be closed until the anticipated reopening date Tuesday, July 5th after the July 4th holiday weekend. I know I've yet to disclose the new location address and reason being is only due to construction still in process. Hopefully with time as of an essence, it'll be a nice surprise appearance-wise once it's all done.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CCK's new and official Facebook Fan Page is up and running:!/pages/Condition-and-Competition-Kickboxing/153562048031844

IThe page will be utilized for announcements and updates, so please 'like' it and become a fan. To help kick off our new page, CCK will be giving away (Already Sold Out) 2 Sharks-Playoff tickets for this Friday's game via a raffle on Thursday night! The following is how you can be eligible for the raffle: Must be a fan of the official CCK page to be in the drawing:!/pages/Condition-and-Competition-Kickboxing/153562048031844
Must have 3 or more Facebook check-ins (e.g. via Facebook Places), starting Today, Tuesday (5/17); meaning 3 or more classes taken! I'll double check, you must actually take class. The raffle will be done on Thursday night and I'll announce it on the page, as well as contact the winner directly. As always everyone, thank you for all your continued support and good luck to everyone.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Congratulations to the first class of Little Champions for graduating to their next belt level.  Also huge congratulations to Coach Sue and Coach Mariel for making the program such a success.  Thanks as well to the parents for all their support.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao takes a quick moment to sign a few autographs and pose for a quick pic with Coach Ed Carpio and Family right after training hard for Sugar Shane Mosley this coming May 7th. Good luck PAC MAN!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Congratulations to the first class of Little Champions for graduating to their next belt level.  Also huge congratulations to Coach Sue and Coach Mariel for making the program such a success.  Thanks as well to the parents for all their support.


Wednesday, March 30,2011
Born To Fight XV

CCK's Fight Team Anthony De Los Santos, Eisrael Verduzco, and Ivan Guererro will be fighting. Come purchase your tickets in the CCK Pro Shop.


Saturday, March 19,2011
Congratulations CCK Fighters!
CCK participating in exhibition fights hosted by FSA.  Thank you for hosting FSA and thank you CCK crew for coming out to support.  Allie from Cali, Colin 300, the Ant Bullie and Eisrael IZ Versusco you all did Well.  Ivan if your opponent showed, you would have done well too!

Monday, February 28,2011
New Apparel
CCK's new TeamCCK and Fight Team jackets are introduced. Come visit the CCK Pro Shop.

Friday, February 25,2011
CCK Donates Time Toward Orchard School Fundraiser

Sunday, January 9, 2011
CCK's Little Champions
Our kids party hosts Sue & Mariel are at it once more :-)  Together they are launching a new kids program for 3-6 year olds starting this coming January.  The program will be awesome, not to mention a great way to introduce the "little ones" to the martial arts!  It'll included pre-school based drills and games which will be really fun :-D.  We're opening up priority registration for CCK members as well as friends and family of CCK members for the 1st week starting today.  In addition, we're offering a no enrollment fee promo to get the ball rolling :-D  After this first week we will be offering this promo to the public as well.  Please help spread the word to your family and friends who have kids because space is definitely limited!  Please let me know me know and I’ll get you in touch with Sue and Mariel for more information.  Feel free too to contact them yourselves: or

Sunday, November 22,, 2010
CCK's Annual Holiday Potluck
As announced in this past Saturday morning class, CCK wil be closed this Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will be open Sat morning and then class schedule will be normal again moving forward. In addition, please mark the calendars Saturday, December 18th 6pm we will be hosting CCK's Annual Holiday Potluck Party :-D As always Boogie will have the sign up list at the CCK Pro Shop.

Sunday, November 15, 2010
Congratulations IZ, Kids Art Night This Friday
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I just wanted to shoot a quick update along with a reminder:
Eisrael "IZ" Verdusco now ups his record to 2-0 taking another Unanimous Decision this past weekend. A continuous thank you to EVERYONE who came out to support. We sold out all of our tickets, that's awesome guys! Then as compared to fighting dead last like the last time, we were moved up to fight #3 this time around. It definitely stepped up the nerves, but didn't change the outcome :-) Huge thank you's in addition to The Ant "Bully" for helping me corner, Amon "The Model" along with Level II and the rest of the CCK Fight Team for helping IZ prepare. Great job again IZ, proud of you bro! He will be fighting again February next year so I will keep everyone posted.

As another reminder guys this Friday, November 19th make sure to sign up your kids for a Thanksgiving art night at CCK! RSVP required please if you want your kids to come. Once again It is FREE!!

Sunday, November 15, 2010
War of Heroes, New Shirts
Eisrael's fight this weekend, Sat November 13th! It will be another War of the Hero's. Iz's opponent will be fighting out of Fairtex the hosting school. As always, it would be great to hear the support from the crowd since obviously Fairtex will for sure be very present. Just to jog the memory a bit, Iz came out of his last fight with a unanimous decision. Goal obviously is to simply repeat it with another "W". Both fighter's will be entering the ring @ 1-0, So basically 1 "O" will have to go, ya know :-/. Other than a slight sickness hump in the road, Iz's been training hard and will be for sure ready come fight night. Tickets are available in the Pro Shop. Last day to get them is tomorrow since they do get returned when we go to weigh in's.

There are new "Simple Statement" shirts by the way, just in case if you wanna rep CCK in a new way :-) The pics are attached.

On a completely separate note: Sue and Mariel are at it again guys :-) Next Friday, November 19th they will be hosting a Thanksgiving art night for the kids! RSVP required please if you want your kids to come. It is FREE and not sure if any of your kids attended the Halloween one they did, but it was a huge success! The kids had alot of fun, um...and I think so did the parents LOL! Boogie will have a sign up sheet tonight, so make sure to get on it.

Saturday, August 31, 2010
CCK's Annual BBQ and Potluck Picnic
Great turnout again this year! Enjoy the great video put together by Hussein

Sunday, August 1, 2010
CCK's Anthony De Los Santos fights at Born To Fight XI Amateur MMA
Come out and support!

The Saddlerack
42011 Boscell Road, Fremont, CA
Doors open at 4, fights begin at 5PM
Tickets available at the Pro Shop at $35/ea.

July 31, 2010
CCK Annual BBQ and Potluck Picnic
Games, prizes, food and fun! Check at the Pro Shop for more details!
March 6, 2010
Fairtex: War Of Heroes #5
Ivan Guerrero Competes!

February 26, 2010
CCK's Anthony De Los Santos competes at Strikeforce Challenger!
Go get 'em Ant!

January 15, 2010
TFC Returns to CCK!
TFC returns once more to CCK to focus on healthy eating versus depending solely on liquid diets (such as Slim Fast)
December 19, 2009
Strikeforce Evolution : Cung Le vs Scott Smith
December 15, 2009
2009 CCK Holiday Party!
December 12, 2009
CCK welcomes Austin Toloza to CCK working Strength and Conditioning Training!
November 15, 2009
New CCK gear!!
The new CCK gloves and wraps are in!
October 30, 2009
CCK Kids Halloween Party

October 2, 2009
CCK hits 3 years!!
Another traditional Mommy Carpio Pancit "to rep the long-life" moment
September 19, 2009
Cassandra Denies and Anthony De Los Santos compete in "BATTLE AT THE WAT!", Sacramento, CA

August 15, 2009
August 1, 2009
CCK Annual BBQ
July 31, 2009
MORE Level II Testing!

June 18, 2009
CCK Fighters Take Home Key Wins At Born To Fight VIII
Congratulations to Cassandra Denise, Ivan Guerrero and our Jr. Fighters, Marcus Laura and Christian Soto for taking home the gold! Congratulations also to Rueben Dasalla for bringing home the Silver. Great job as well to Roger Lopez for his participation.

June 17, 2009
Mitt's Class Introduced
Taught by Celeste and Allan Uy, learn the fundamentals of boxing. Stance, footwork, arm positioning and basic to more complex combinations, have fun working that hand technique.
May 31, 2009
CCK's Mike Strangis takes 1st Place!
CCK's Mike Strangis takes 1st place in the Monterey Bay Jiu-jitsu submission only tournament. Click to see Mike's magic in 1 of his "3" submissions he had that day.

May 21, 2009
A Night Out with CCK & The Loft!
CCK along with The Loft come together for an amazing event in Downtown San Jose!

April 25, 2009
Bill Wilson Center - Safe Place Project
Coach Ed spends time with the youth!

April 20, 2009
Coach Ed Brings Kickboxing to Pre-Schoolers!
Who knew they had much more energy than him

April 11, 2009
Strikeforce: Shamrock vs Diaz/Thompson vs Melendez
Strikeforce header Frank Shamrock vs Nick Diaz

Also featuring:
Josh Thompson vs Gilbert Melendez
Scott Smith vs Benji Radach
Chris Santos vs Hitomi Akano

For tickets please contact Coach Ed Carpio (408) 406-2234

March 28, 2009
CCK's Mike Strangis competes in 2009 Pan-American Games!
CCK's Mike Strangis will be competing in the 2009 Pan American Games in Jiu-Jitsu. Good Luck Mike!
March 7, 2009
World Team USA hosts Muay Thai bouts
World Team USA will be hosting more exhibition Muay Thai bouts


January 2009
CCK is nominated Best Kickboxing Gym in Santa Clara County as featured on KRON 4.
Click here to see the spot that was aired as well as other videos available at CCKTV!


January 2009
Fairtex Event
*Due to non-clearance from the the doctor, Amon Prasad will not be fighting in this event. Please stay tuned.
CCK Participates in 2008 Family Giving Tree
Thank you to all who participated in this year's Family Giving Tree. Here's a shot straight from the warehouse. It just goes to show how much "again" if everyone just did a little it can go a long way!!!d

Unilimited Kickboxing Celebrates 3 Years!
Unlimited Kickboxing celebrated 3 years with sparring bouts. Representing CCK were Anthony De Los Santos, David Tung, Mark Ulanday, Amon Prasad, Eisrael Verduzsco and Brandon Rendon.

November 22, 2008
CCK Supports Manny Pac Man Pacquiao
CCK supports Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao in his fight December 6th against Oscar "Golden Boy" De La Joya.

November 5, 2008
Team USA Charity Event
Thank you to World Team USA for hosting a charity donation event, and at the same time being able to give many up and coming fighters the opportunity to display their skills amongst other gyms. Congratulations to Eisrael Verduzsco, Joe Payor, Ivan Guerrero (not pictured) and Cassandra Denies for representing CCK.

October 26, 2008
CCK welcomes Mona Liza Reyes and her "MO BETTER BOOT CAMP"!
Get a jumpstart before the holiday weight gain with NPC California Figure Champion, Mona Liza Reyes as she brings her "Be MO Better Bootcamp" to CCK in this first of a 5 series bootcamps that are sure to challenge you and get you MO BETTA! Be sure to visit

October 7, 2008
CCK 2-Year Anniversary Group Pic
Great seeing all 72 of you out there!

October 6, 2008
CCK's 2nd Year Anniversary!
October 2nd marks the second year for CCK and we're celebrating with pancit, cake and free "Thank You" shirts!

Monday, October 6, 2008
7:30PM (right after 6PM class)
See you there!

October 4, 2008
Unlimited Kickboxing's 3rd Year Anniversary
Team Sparring Event followed by a barbecue after party.
September 13, 2008
Take II: The Injury Has Healed!
Training Hard and back on track, Gennaro Strangis moves forward to match up against Alex Trevino. The anticipated match up was postponed due to an injury but the same challenge presents itself once again. Good luck, Gennaro. Come out and support Gennaro's debut!
September 6, 2008
CCK hosts another Invitational Practice Sparring Session
Participating schools included Patterson Kickboxing, Unlimited Kickboxing and Main Street Kickboxing. Congratulations to Fanny Powell, Shane Buna, Alex Barasi, Martin Sedillo, Amanda Pera, Jef Gonzales, Jen Toledo, Anthony De Los Santos, Tony Valdez, Allan Uy, and Jose and Ivan Guererro.
August 30, 2008
Coach Ed to be guest judge for the Miss Teen Filipina USA pageant.
Much appreciation goes out to John aka "Boogie Styles", Bert Carpio, Paul Bernardo, Suzanne Villanueva, Mikayla and Aiden Carpio..and Jen Toledo for setting up and manning the booth!
August 16, 2008
Main Street Kickboxing hosted practice sparring sessions.
Fanny "Pack" Powell and Anthony Spinning Back Kick" De Los Santos represented CCK.
July 12, 2008
CCK BBQ/Potluck
Great seeing everyone out! Thank you to everyone who helped out. Check out the pics!
June 27, 2008
Due to an injury, Genaro Strangis will not be fighting in this upcoming Strikeforce event. CCK still applauds his efforts and looks forward to his next opportunity to step into the cage.

Genaro Strangis debut!
Genaro Strangis will make his Pro MMA Debut at Strikeforce on the undercard of Gilbert Melendez and Josh Thompson. Good Luck Genaro!

* For ticket information, please contact Coach Ed at or (408) 406-2234

June 23, 2008
Good Luck Waleed!
After serveral years training under Coach Ed, long-time student Waleed Zamel returns to his home in Canada. Before he left, he stopped by to take a pic with his usual Monday class.

June 21, 2008
Amon Prasad to fight in "War Of The Heroes" representing CCK
Amon Prasad will face-off against Lawrence Ward of Fairtex, San Francisco in an exciting Muay Thai bout. Amon has definitely been training hard for this so ALL of CCK come sport the CCK T's and support Amon this coming Saturday!

May 26th, 2008
TFC (The Filipino Channel) airs it's 2nd visit to CCK.

World-reknown TFC (The Filipino Channel) pays another visit to CCK, this time in an interview with Coach Ed to get his take on "How To Keep the Pounds Off While Traveling".
May 17, 2008
World Team USA hosts exhibition
World Team USA hosts exhibition fights @the Asian Festival Japan town, San Francisco. Representing CCK will be Cassandra Denies, Fanny Powel, Allie Guera, Shane Buna and Alex Barasi.
Coach Ed choreographs Main Event fight scene for Akbayan Club at SJSU
Coach Ed choreographed a fight scene for the Akbayan Club. He was able to show two students with no martial arts, or boxing experience how to fight 2 convincing rounds in the ring. Coach Ed’s choreography keeps the crowd captivated as he expanded CCK’s influence beyond the walls of the gym.
April 11-12, 2008
Coach Ed Trains with Muay Thai Master Toddy

Coach Ed learned lethal knees, kicks, and elbows from the renowned Master Toddy. Coach Ed hoped to acquire more technique and skills that he could teach to his fighters as well as cardio students. Coach Ed thanks Krusam and Team USA for welcoming him!
April 5, 2007
Coach Ed supports Huong Arenas's "Fitness Camp" by incorporating kickboxing
CCK students Morie Sedillo and Jennifer Alvarez place as top 2 with most weight loss.
Coach Ed supported Huong Arenas’ Fitness Camp and taught a kickboxing class to the women. Morie Sedillo and Jennifer Alvarez, CCK students, won the fight camp competition by losing the most weight. Congratulations girls!
April 5, 2008
Team USA hosts Benefit Exhibition to aid Homeless kids in Thailand

Allan Uy, Cassandra Denies, Joe Payer, Rob Dacanay, Larry Elizaga – Coach Butch led five CCK fighters to San Francisco for the fundraiser. Allan Uy, Cassandra Denies, Joe Payer, Rob Dacanay, and Larry Elizaga maintained their composure, and fought two, two minute rounds in the ring. Good job guys!
March 17, 2008
CCK Pro Shop Opens
The much anticipated CCK Pro Shop finally opened! John Boogie Stylez is the store manager, selling wraps, gloves, t shirts, sweatshirts, knee pads…you name it. CCK is consistently creating new designs and new gear to keep students looking good while they workout.
March 15, 2008
CCK Hosts Invitational Sparring with Patterson Kickboxing Academy
With the end of smokers, CCK needed to find other avenues to enable students to gain fighting experience. CCK hosted its first Invitational Sparring event with Patterson Kickboxing Academy, and organized ten fights between the two schools. Congratulations to Celeste Uy, Allan Uy, Fanny Powell, Jen Alvarez, Brandon Rendon, Steven Smith, Joe Payer, Alex Barasi, Madison Sedillo, Noel Medios, Mike Strangis, Isaac Alvarez for fighting in the invitational.
January 26, 2008
CCK 1 Year Anniversary & Coach Ed's Birthday Party
A party was held at the gym to celebrate Coach Ed and CCK’s Birthday. CCK turned one, and Coach Ed turned…21 ;-). DJ Tim Malate was there to keep the party going with live music.
December 18, 2007
CCK Participates in Family Giving Tree
Thanks to the CCK community, CCK was able to give gifts to children and families in need.
December 15, 2007
CCK Holiday Party
Santa visited CCK again for the second holiday party. The potluck filled the tables with cakes, chicken, artichoke dips, enchiladas…a diverse array of food that reflected CCK’s diverse community. The party ended with a gift exchange as gifts were light-heartedly stolen during the famous White Elephant Exchange.
December 7, 2007
3rd LEVEL II Testing
Students decided to end the year with the ultimate challenge to their mental and physical strength – the level II test. Steps prepared and lined up again to show Coach Ed and Coach Butch that they were ready to take their training to the next level.
November 2007
Coach Ed/Filipino Community are "Healthy for the Holidays"
(see the footage on CCKTV)
Coach Ed makes mark on Filipino Community on a The Filipino Channel (TFC) segment titled "Healthy For The Holidays". CCK is showcased on television for the first time in a TFC segment titled “Healthy for the Holidays.” The television network interviewed students and Coach Ed, looking for tips on how to stay fit during the “heaviest” season of the year. CCK was able to get their message to beyond their student base. Television viewers could now see the benefits of the CCK gym right from their living rooms.
November 2007
CCK Interview on Vietnamese Radio Station (1250AM) Program, "What's New In San Jose"
Lisa Hotran was interviewed on Vietnamese Radio show "What's New In San Jose" (1250 AM) to discuss the benefits of CCK.
October 26, 2007
Kid's Halloween Party

At CCK, kids stay healthy while having fun. CCK organized a Halloween Party for the kids and made sure they had enough candy to last them through the rest of the year!
September 2007
Oscar and Angelica Hernandez' San Jose Egoscue
CCK supports Oscar and Angelica Hernandez's San Jose Egoscue with an outdoor class complete with DJ. Coach Ed brought his class outdoors for the first time and taught his 9am Saturday Class at San Jose Egoscue. To make sure that the environment was lively and that the crowd was pumped, CCK brought in a live DJ to keep the music loud and energy strong.
September 29, 2007
Unlimited Kickboxing's 2 year Anniversary Smoker
Amon Prasad and Genaro Strangis represented CCK – Amon Prasad and Genaro Strangis fought exciting bouts at Unlimited Kickboxing’s 2 year Anniversary Smoker. Amon threw a spinning back kick to knock his opponent to the ground. Genaro used his well rounded technique to dominate his opponent on the ground. Genaro also showcased his newly acquired kickboxing skills for the first time.
July 29, 2007
CCK's Summer Smoker
CCK hosts its last smoker for 2007, organizing 20 fights among the various camps in the bay area. Lisa Hotran, Cassandra Dennies, Noel Medios, Eric Butler, Paul Bernando, Maya Valdez, and Leila Ojeda represented CCK for the first time and fought good matches against their opponents. Mike Strangis also fought again and dominated his opponent…again.
May 12, 2007
CCK's Spring Smoker
Mike Strangis, Genaro Strangis, Jeff Gonzales, and Charlie Lane represented CCK in its second smoker. Mike and Genaro dominated their opponents, Jeff continued to show his strength and experience, and Charlie conquered his nerves in his very first smoker! Good job guys.
(click to view flyer)
April 13, 2007
2nd CCK LEVEL II Testing

The guys who didn’t pass the second test were eager to prove that they had the heart and physical conditioning to spar. They all passed the second time around. More students also took the test the second time around, adding to the number of level II CCK students.
March 31, 2007
CCK Sponsors "Feel and Look Good $1K Challenge"
Women's tie - Morie Sedillo/Angelique Hernandez
Men's - Tony Flores
CCK organized its first challenge to motivate students to reach their fitness goals. The contestants had an initial weigh-in, measurement and calibration, and after intensive training, Tony Flores was the winner on the men’s side, and Morie Sedillo and Angelique Hernandez tied for first place on the women’s side. The winners lost the most weight and showed the most improvement in terms of strength, muscle mass, and conditioning.
March 3, 2007
George Tsusui's Grand Opening Smoker

Jenn Toledo, Anthony De Los Santos, James Martinez represented CCK – Riding the positive momentum from CCK’s first smoker and Jenn’s fight at Team USA, Coach Ed brought Jenn, Anthony and James to George Tsusui’s smoker in Concord. The was day was lengthy with more than 40 fights, but Jenn, Anthony and James had another chance to display their skills against experienced opponents.
February 17, 2007
Team USA All-Girls Smoker

Jenn Toledo represented CCK – Jenn fought her first smoker at Team USA and represented CCK extremely well! At one point, she caught a kick and sent her opponent to the ground. Jenn trained hard for this fight and it showed as she aggressively fought to the last seconds.
January 27, 2007
CCK's Grand Opening Smoker

CCK invited several camps to participate in it’s first smoker. Unlimited Kickboxing, Team USA, Universal Martial Arts, Fight and Fitness, Tat Mau Wong, and West Valley Kickboxing brought fighters to CCK, and the audience of more than 400 people watched 12 exciting bouts. Jeff Gonzales, Anthony DeLos Santos, Jose Guerrero, Rudy Richter, and James Martinez represented CCK and fought strong bouts

January 19, 2007
First LEVEL II Testing
Over ten students came to the gym that day, eager to be a part of the first CCK level II class. They went through grueling exercises that tested their will power and determination to continue. The test ended with a ten round gauntlet, leaving the students exhausted but relieved that they were done. Unfortunately, Coach Ed ended their night with bad news – none of them passed the test due to lack of preparation.

We’re proud to say that none of the guys were discouraged from the first trial. They came back strong, prepared to take the test again, and all of them passed with flying colors. Congratulations to CCK’s first level II class!
December 2006
CCK Holiday Party
(click for pics)
CCK hosted its first holiday party, even Santa stopped by to greet all the children. The festivities included a White Elephant gift exchange and plenty of food for everyone to work off later!

October 2, 2006
CCK Officially opens its doors!!
More than 60 students came to workout and celebrate CCK’s grand opening at 6pm on Monday. Coach Ed prepared for the big day with brand new matsand bags, creating a clean and welcoming environment for both old and new students. The bags have been frequently used since then as the gym has continued to grow and CCK has continued to build its community.