Condition and Competition Kickboxing has a program for the entire family in a positive environment! our Junior Programs focus on the discipline of martial arts as well as onditioning good athletes and team players. The adults can reach fitness goals in the "traditional" multi-calorie burning kickboxing conditioning classes. We are the only facility in the Bay Area with several conditioning formats! Our team of qualified and experienced instructors will lead you into learning and applying the basic techniques of the art of Sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing). We'll make sure the results will keep you coming back for more!

Condition and Competition Kickboxing (18 yrs and over: Level 1 Training - for all fitness levels!)
An intense session of high energy, high impact, total body conditioning. This class includes fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing drills, heavy bag training, floor conditioning, and partner drills. Condition Kickboxing is "the most popular fitness program in the nation" for a reason: This session burns calories, is excellent strength conditioning, builds lean muscle, tones & conditions your body from head to toe, increases flexibility, and teaches self-defense skills! Experience what the hype is all about! Try all of Condition and Competition Kickboxing's classes (Click here to see class descriptions)

* Condition Kickboxing Training
* Power Kickboxing
* Thai Pad Training
* Condition Paddle Training
* Circuit Bag Training
* Mitts Training
* Circuit Strength Training

San Shou Training (18 yrs and over: Testing Required - Additional fee)
Sanshou training is geared towards knowledge, technique, and defensive skills. This is the introductory part of fighting in competition and where students develop confidence and self devense abilities. Students train one-on-one with instructors on Thai pad training, parrying drills, boxing, takedown drills and Sanshou free-form sparring. Recreational and competitive training is available.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is primarily a ground-fighting art. Most techniques involve both fighters on the mat. There is a heavy emphasis on positional strategy such as which fighter is on top and where each person's legs are. Positions are stable situations from which a large variety of techniques are available to both fighters.

Junior Sanshou (Ages 6-17)
Condition and Competition Junior Sanshou free-form training concentrates not only in martial arts, but helps in the conditioning of becoming a good athlete and team player. We've combined the discipline of the martial arts and the conditioning of kickboxing to create a program that's sure to keep the motivationn and goal setting!

Personal Training - One-On-One Instruction! (Additional fee - Packages are available!)
Personal training is available for anyone who needs a flexible training schedule - or the one-on-one training desire for focus and dedication. Are you intimidated to start off with no experience? Have the instructor to yourself as an individual or as a small group, and work at your pace for the entire session! Learn basic to advanced kickboxing techniques of punching and kicking. Most beneficial for individuals with no experience coming into the class setting, or continue the Personal Training! Packages include going over each session of the conditioning class format one-on-one with the instructor prior to starting as an ongoing student